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airplane interior review

Green Aircraft Inspection review prior to interior installation; for any overlooked discrepancies and repairs.

custom cabinets for aircrafts

Interior Cabinet layout planning and development, ensuring conformity and practicality of design.

custom airplane interior

Cabinet Inspection. Progressive inspection throughout build, assembly and final varnish for quality and color match.

airplane seats

Seat Inspection. Review of built-up ship-set for quality and consistency following demo seat approval.

airplane interior inspection

Final build interior review. Pre-Customer Acceptance "White Glove" inspection. Fit, form and function review.

Welcome to Aero Completion Management Inc.
New and pre-owned aircraft completion management.

airplane customization

Aero Completion Management Inc. is a professional management company with expertise in new and pre-owned aircraft. We provide guidance and management services for new, pre-owned and retrofit completion projects.

Our company serves clients purchasing and retrofitting aircraft from initial contract negotiations, options negotiations, specifications and design definitions prior to production, completion program management and technical acceptance throughout build and upgrade, to final acceptance, and in-service operation.

We provide detailed consultation, negotiation and customization/outfitting recommendations to guide and enhance Operational requirements and Principal needs.

For every project we aim to create a team effort to deliver the best product to our Customers meeting contractual commitments on time and with the highest attention to detail. At Aero, we take the necessary steps to ensure the Customer is fully informed of progress, identify potential risks early in each project and manage relative impact before Delivery. Our goal is to work closely with our Customers, the OEMs, Service Facilities and/or Refurbishment facilities to enhance the Customer Experience and avoid potential for rework and costly delays and downtime in service.